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Fruit teething biscuit recipe

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The recipe for teething biscuits with fruits is one of the most important recipes that the mother needs, because the teething stage is one of the difficult stages, and the child at this stage needs to eat foods that help the milk teeth to appear, while helping him to provide his body with useful elements for him and the new teeth.

Fruit teething biscuit recipe

Here is a teething biscuit recipe that can be offered to the baby at this stage:

the ingredients

  • Half a cup of ground oats.
  • spoon of powdered milk.
  • 2 bananas
  • spoon of flour.
  • A spoonful of honey if the child is at least a year old.
  • A small pinch of baking powder.
  • A little raw cocoa.

How to prepare

  • Mix the ground oats, flour and baking powder in a bowl and set aside.
  • Add the powdered milk to them, then add the mashed bananas, and mix all the ingredients together.
  • Add raw cocoa and honey, and mix all the ingredients until we get a cohesive texture.
  • Take an oven tray, and put butter paper in it.
  • Form the dough into balls, and roll it out a little like cookies.
  • Leave the biscuits for half an hour, then put them in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees, for 10 minutes.


When preparing a fruit teething biscuit recipe for children, especially if the child is between 6 to 12 months old, there are a number of ingredients that the biscuit should not contain, and these ingredients are as follows:

  • Bee honey: Despite the many benefits of bee honey, a child before the age of one cannot eat it, because honey contains a type of bacteria that a young child’s body cannot tolerate.
  • Sugars: The child must be given sugars in small proportions, because too much of them can cause the child to quickly decay, or cause obesity or diabetes.
  • Egg whites: A child under a year old cannot bear to eat egg whites, because it can cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms of severe allergies include redness, rashes, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Modified starch: This type of starch needs more time than adults to be able to digest, and children cannot tolerate eating refined starch, because their intestines are not yet complete.
  • Palm oil: Palm oil intake is associated with a high level of harmful cholesterol , and thus an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and therefore it should not be included in any children’s food recipe.
  • Ordinary milk: Ordinary or buffalo milk is one of the ingredients that a child cannot tolerate before he reaches one year of age.

Teething Biscuit Sally Fouad

Here is the recipe for Sally Fouad’s Fruit Teething Biscuits:

the ingredients

  • A small pinch of cinnamon.
  • A cup of ground oats.
  • tablespoon of oil.
  • Mashed banana.

How to prepare

  • Put bananas, oil, cinnamon in a bowl, and mix well.
  • We add the oats, and continue to beat until we get a slightly soft dough.
  • We roll out the dough, and cut it into the desired size.
  • Put the biscuit pieces on a tray with butter paper.
  • We put the tray in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, about ten minutes, or until it is fully cooked.

Other recipes for the baby during the teething stage

Here are a number of other food recipes that are suitable for a baby during the teething stage:

  • Cold vegetables and fruits: Eating cold solid foods helps the child reduce the gum pain he feels during the teething stage, and easily cut vegetables or fruits into fingers, such as cucumbers, apples, carrots, and save them in a closed box in the refrigerator, and give them to the child And it is cold, while monitoring him to ensure his safety and that no part of the food falls into his mouth.
  • Smoothie vegetables or fruits: If the child during this stage suffers from severe loss of appetite , and refuses to eat vegetables, for example, you can mix vegetables with one of the fruits in the blender to change the taste, such as mixing spinach with avocado and banana, and thus the child gets a lot of elements useful to him.

How to deal with a baby during the teething stage

In addition to giving the child a recipe for teething biscuits with fruits and other useful recipes, at this stage he needs a lot of attention and care, and the most important ways to deal with him in the teething stage are as follows:

household measures

  • The baby’s gums can be massaged using a clean piece of cloth, or using the mother’s finger after washing it.
  • The teether can be placed in the refrigerator and then given to the child, because the cold helps him relieve the pain he feels, but it must be placed in the refrigerator and not the freezer.
  • You can also give the child cucumber or any type of vegetable, which is cold, but without the peel.
  • The child’s saliva is dried, because during this stage his saliva increases.

Symptoms that require a doctor

In the event that the mother is unable to control the symptoms of the teething stage at home, and more severe symptoms begin to appear in the child, such as high temperature of the child, diarrhea, vomiting, in this case it is necessary to resort to the doctor, in order to prescribe the appropriate medication for the child.

How to take care of baby’s new teeth

With the beginning of the child’s teeth appearing, the mother must begin to take care and care of the new teeth, and they are rubbed with paste daily, with a type of paste containing fluoride, and a very small amount of paste is used, equivalent to the size of a grain of rice.

The mother should also be careful not to give the child a feeding bottle right before he sleeps, so that he does not have tooth decay, taking care not to give him too much sugar, to maintain the health of his teeth.

Which is better during teething, the teether or the teething gel?

We learned more than a recipe for teething biscuits with fruits and tips for dealing with the child during the teething stage, and the mother may feel confused between using a teether or a teething gel, and here is a quick comparison between them:


  • It helps the child to calm the pain he feels in the gums during teething, as he presses them in a direction opposite to the direction of the growth of the teeth, thus reducing the pain.
  • The mother must constantly sterilize the teether, because the child can constantly throw it on the ground.
  • To get the most benefit, put the teether in the refrigerator before giving it to the baby, which makes it less painful.
  • There are types of teethers that contain a gel inside, which helps them to keep the coolness for as long as possible.
  • The type of teether that wraps around the neck of the child should not be purchased, as it exposes him to a choking hazard.
  • The teether must be purchased from the pharmacy, or from a trusted place, in order for it to be of good quality.

teething generation

  • This gel contains an analgesic, and it only helps relieve pain in the child, and does not accelerate the appearance of teeth.
  • The use of the gel for short periods is not harmful to the child, because it does not reach the bloodstream, and its effect quickly disappears.
  • When buying the gel, make sure from the pharmacist that it does not contain the harmful substance benzocaine.
  • Frequent and continuous use of the gel or other analgesic is not recommended for a child.
  • Teether and gel can be used together, but the gel is not used for long periods.

In conclusion, we learned, through the previous paragraphs, the recipe for teething biscuits with fruits, as well as more than one suitable recipe for the child during the teething stage, and the ways that the mother can follow with the child at this stage to relieve him.

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