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Benefits of a milk drink with honey and how to prepare it

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Milk is one of the most important types of drinks that God Almighty gave us, as it contains a very high percentage of nutrients that are very important for health, which makes it the ideal drink for us, which is suitable for all times. If you want to enhance the benefits of milk, you can add honey to it, which is also known as It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that help strongly to enhance the health of the body. Below we will show how to prepare a milk drink with honey and its health benefits in addition to its benefits. Use it for skin and hair

Nutritional value of honey:

Honey contains a high percentage of important nutrients, the most important of which are carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose, as well as proteins, amino acids and vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin B, vitamin C and mineral salts.

Milk nutritional value:

Milk also contains a high percentage of wonderful nutrients such as proteins and vitamins in addition to a number of important mineral elements such as calcium

First: How to prepare a milk drink with honey:

The way to prepare a milk drink with honey is very easy and anyone can do it, as this requires bringing a kilo of whole or skimmed milk as desired, then adding a quarter cup of bee honey to it and stirring very well until the mixture becomes homogeneous and you can use the electric paddle, and some people prefer to add Some fruits to milk with honey to enhance its benefits with bananas, strawberries or other fruits, and here you can use the electric mixer to make the drink homogeneous

Second: The health benefits of drinking milk with honey:

1 – Skin and skin care: A milk drink with honey helps to take care of the skin, as both milk and honey have cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Also in the shower water to increase the health and freshness of the skin and skin

2- Helps digestion: honey contains beneficial bacteria that help the growth of the digestive system and intestines, and milk also contains one of these bacteria, in addition to honey also contains sugars that stimulate the work of these bacteria that help get rid of digestive diseases. Such as constipation, for example, or gas and cramps, and make the digestive system work smoothly and properly

3- Endurance: A glass of milk with honey every day in the morning is enough to give the body the strength, great health and endurance that the body requires throughout the day, and this is due to the fact that milk contains proteins and honey contains carbohydrates that are very important for metabolism or metabolism. Milk with honey is very important to enhance the physical strength of both adults and children as well, as the proteins in the milk are broken down by enzymes into essential amino acids which are then reconstructed into proteins useful for the human body.

 4- Increase bone strength: There is a lot of research on the benefits and importance of honey for health, which confirms that honey acts as a carrier of materials and nutrients from food to the body, especially calcium. A very powerful factor in strengthening the bones and increasing their health, thus preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis and arthritis that occurs with age.

5- It has anti-impotence properties: milk with honey does not have an effect on the skin cells only, but on the entire body, as the antioxidants present in this drink prevent the appearance of signs of aging and impotence in all parts of the body by ridding the body of free radicals, which gives a feeling lasting health and wellness

6- It also has anti-bacterial properties, as the milk drink with bacteria has a strong effect on bacteria greater than each of them separately, and adding milk to warm honey helps prevent constipation, intestinal disorders and the digestive system, in addition to helping to cure coughs and colds.

7- A milk drink with honey helps reduce and heal arthritis, as well as treat cystitis and prevent its recurrence

8- Sometimes it helps to enhance fertility in women and men and treat infertility in addition to strengthening the immune system

9- It reduces the risk of heart disease and works to reduce the proportion of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, in addition to preventing the appearance of pimples on the skin.

10- Milk and honey hair mask:

  • The ingredients of the mask are: Two cups of milk with a spoon of honey, and if you use skimmed milk, it is preferable to add a spoonful of tahini here.
  • Method of preparation and use: The milk is heated in the microwave for five minutes and honey is added to it with good stirring and tahini in the case of skimmed milk and stirred well until the mixture becomes homogeneous, and then the mask is applied to the entire hair in all its parts and left for a quarter of an hour to a third of an hour, and it is preferable to cover the hair, and then wash the hair with the shampoo that you use to wash your hair constantly, and it is preferable to repeat this mask twice a week

11- Milk and honey mask for skin:

  • If you have thin, red arteries on your face, especially at the nose, boil a cup of whole milk and add to it a spoonful of honey and mix them together well, then leave this mixture to cool and then apply it to the areas where these fine arteries and capillaries appear every evening for ten consecutive days.
  • This mask helps prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Effectively helps treat acne and hide scars and pimples caused by acne
  • Honey and milk contain anti-oxidants, which makes it very great for maintaining the health of skin cells
  • Helps rid the skin of dead and damaged cells
  • You can also use this on dry lips to moisturize and soften them

Thus, it becomes clear to us that the use of honey and milk drink provides all parts of the body with the necessary food and provides it with a large number of important nutrients greater than milk alone or honey alone, but together they represent a very high nutritional value. We advise you to take care of it daily and preferably on an empty stomach

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